Murmur 90 : Johnny Marr "The Rowboat Meets The Road"


Our most-requested subject/topic/tool/albatross present in everything we do, do all the time.  Some humans readily concede this premise, others are sluggish studies.  One artist who might prefer to be remembered as a collaborator-above-all is legendary band leader and member Johnny Marr.  Professor Marr embodies as pure a study - and as reliable an authority - on working with others, as the history of art can conjure.  His story IS history, and it's found him in groups, continually; working in service to a greater goal, remarkably.  Architect of legendary, resonant chords - not the least of which have very little to do with sound itself - Johnny understands that transcendent ideas are found in groups; both in spite of, and often due to, their imperfections.