Murmur 51 : David Michôd "The State of Australia"

Filmmaker/Writer/Proud-Aussie David Michôd checks-in to discuss the state of his homeland; it's art, its light, its craft, and its psyche.  Is the country's adaptability its greatest strength or a vulnerability?  What makes the Australian actor so versatile, but the native cine-love so fickle?  All will be revealed in this fascinating chat with one of Australia's (New) New Wave.

Murmur 50 : Joe Mande "The (Anti-Social) Artist"

Murmur turns 50!  How do we celebrate?  With writer/comic/social-guru Joe Mande, of course.  We ask Joe about the need to find the Art in Twitter/Instagram/Social Media; as well as his take on Kathy Griffin's mean culpa, why NBC asked him to tread lightly on Trump Family tweets, and the possibility of being friends with comedians.  In a word - Banana Boat.

Murmur 49 : Ronald D. Moore "The Genre-ist"

Is Genre-Writing even a thing? We think so, but does creator/show-runner/writer Ronald D. Moore think so? Here Ron checks-in to discuss the State of Writing...Genre. What lessons did Ron learn from both George Lucas and from the marching-band? Would he ever try his hand at writing a series of novels?  And why is Batman his hero of choice? All will be revealed.

Murmur 46 : Christopher Guest In:Pictures

Christopher Guest joins us from The Onion AV Club Comedy Festival in Chicago to discuss : what he stole from Fellini, if he's sick of discussing Spinal Tap, and whether or not improv classes are worth it.  With special appearances by Fred Willard, Harry Shearer, Jane Lynch, Catherine O'Hara, & Eugene Levy.