Murmur 87 : Tyler Bates "Demolished, By Design"

SUBJECT : THE INVISIBLE COMPOSER As competition for our visual receptors is at an all-time-high, are we forgetting to hear the score?  Be it large or small screen.  Or are we simply unable to locate it?  In either case, forgive us as there is currently a run on cerebral noise in our moving imagery: oversized cinematic "heroes", stories where humanity (itself) hangs in the very balance, larger resumes in tighter spaces, and small-screen writing that is as hypnotic as ever.  Fear not, true believer!  As no modern composer cuts through the synaptic-thicket with quite the dexterity and audacity of Tyler Bates.  His tireless loyalty to story, character, collaborator, history, and galaxy place him firmly, miraculously on the barrier between music, sound, and noise.  Yet, it's Tyler's most unrequited love that consistently wins us over -- Silence.